When will it stop?

There are children screaming, crying, starving, and dying.

It’s okay, they’ll be fine-someone else will find the time.

Someone else will care.

You have more important things to do like your makeup and hair.

“How can they help me?” or “how can I help you?”

Which one do you think will relieve your blues?

Do you think you might find more clues to unlock your happiness by giving for no reason other than to bless?

Did anyone explain to you that your hands, heart, words, and art can be what ignites another heart?

We can notice the world crumbling around us and feel compelled to collapse into the sadness.

We can hear the cries; see tired eyes, broken hearts, and sour souls, or we can make it our goal to believe our pain is not in vein and know that focusing on it only drives us insane.

It’s time to put down the remote and roll up our sleeves so we can relieve someone of their pain maybe even ourself.

What the hell?  It’s worth a shot.

Or, we can just sit here and complain about how the world is filled with orphan’s, delinquents, and snots.  Wondering when the pain will ever stop.

–Danielle Atherton-Rutledge



Put down your r




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