Build the Wall?! (Language)

Conquer and divide-a way of keeping yourself in a position of power by making the people under you disagree with each other so that they are unable to join together and remove you from your position.


Warning: Emotionally charged post ahead.

Good job, America, Good job.  Keep up the “Great.”

Our government has mastered how to conquer, and divide so well, that we are now in the makes of building a modern day Great Wall of China, but in America.  How “Great” of us.

I mean exactly WTF does making America”Great” again mean may I ask?

Do you remember a time when America was GREAT?  Like really f**cking great?

Great economy, great healthcare, schools well funded, and children well cared for?  Do you remember a time without pain and suffering for most?  I don’t.  Not in the history books and not personally.  So, WTF would we ever want to add AGAIN for at the end of that statement?

Donald Trump, when is your again exactly?  Where are you trying to go back to?

Because, I was trying to move forward, to progress, to gain, to grow, and to heal the wounds of my communities, the country, and the world. Because, that’s what GREAT people do: they use their money, and power to build strong, stable structures that make people feel secure, safe, and cared for.  They use their money to ease suffering.

A wall, I’m suppose to sleep well at night because of a f**king wall?  Now, I should feel safe in America?   A wall in the middle of the dessert, in a very isolated area is being built, where VERY few if any terrorists have entered.  Terrorists are not scared of you or your wall.  Drug cartels who have obscene amounts of money do not worry about how they will get over this wall.  This seems preposterous.  Who wants over this wall?  It’s families seeking help, and you’re saying, “f*ck off, here’s my wall.”

Because, Mexican poverty is so real, and their government is so evil, families are risking their lives, and their children’s lives to try, and cross a border to earn very little picking the food you ate for dinner last night, we should build a wall?  Because, the real terrorists with the real guns and bombs, and the real money are real scared of your f**king wall……. I’m sure of it.

Instead of defunding the cartel by legalizing marijuana, and allowing patients to receive medical marijuana legally, we build a f**cking wall.  Instead of giving Mexico money to create safe communities for families to live in, and help the people have the freedoms we do, we say, ‘build a wall’?

That’ll teach those Mexicans to stay out, and suffer, and die slow painful deaths at the hands of their own government, and now you, and our government.  Bravo, America, sounds f**cking “Great.”  It’s not that we don’t have the money, brains, and power to create peace around us, it’s that we choose not to.  We’re slightly misdirecting our energy and resources, don’t ya think?

Instead of focusing our funds to build our country up, build more Veteran’s shelters and homeless shelters, instead of funding our state programs and upping taxes where appropriate we are swallowing the cost of wars, oil and now walls.  Awesome, real cool, “Great”, woo f**cking hoo.

Instead of helping the refugees, we are funding terrorists.  We are paying for bombs, to protect oil fields, to protect big oil interest, and letting families die in famine, while we scream, “Build a f**cking wall”.  Have we lost our hearts?  The answer is, yes.

They are not the drug cartels bringing in money, guns, and terrorists.  These people are not asking to take our jobs and money so they can steal what’s ours.  These people are not slowly poisoning us with contaminated water, and pharmaceuticals to make a buck or a billion.  These people are not hiding healing options, green energy options, and money from us.  No, Donald Trump, our own government does that for us.

I won’t sleep better at night knowing a f**cking wall to keep out families seeking a better life is being built.  I don’t feel better about myself because war torn children, and families are slowly starving to death, because I need to pay for the squad protecting oil fields at Standing Rock, and in Iraq, instead.  I don’t feel great knowing you’re the man that represents my voice.

You are not my President, because you don’t act like one, and quite frankly none have the others, either.

And, while we’re on the topic, I won’t call you Mr., either.  Men…..Gentlemen do not speak like you.  If my husband spoke, and acted like you, he would be someone elses husband.

The wife probably on welfare because he belittled her so much that she began to feel less than, and depressed; she can’t even pull herself out of water to get a job or support herself.  Maybe, she gets pregnant, and decides the pain of the world is too much, and she has too little to offer a life, and decides to have an abortion.  Or, maybe she’s brave, and has her child, and takes your glares and crass remarks as she pulls out her link card.  And, maybe her child then learns, and sees the disrespect, and repeats it, accepts it, or hopefully stands up and says, “f*ck that, you will not disrespect, degrade or talk down to me like that.”  Hopefully, more children who are victims of men who degrade, and belittle with their words, and their power will grow up, and turn their pain into passion and purpose in order to truly make America Great.

Hopefully, they don’t sit down, shut up, and take a golden shower; but stand up, speak up and say, “that is NOT my President, and that is NOT how you handle power, and no I will not take a golden f*cking shower, you sick f**king pervert.”

A man with millions, and more, and he uses it to hire call girls, you elect him President, and I’m the a**hole for pointing it out, and saying it’s wrong?

Think before you decide to attack behind the computer.  Donald Trump might not  babysit your kids, come to your kids birthday party, give you the clothes off his back, pay for your kids, donate his time and money, drive to get you in the middle of the night, share his home with you, and write you the most heart felt eulogy you’d ever wish for, but I would, and so would the people on the other side of the computer screen that you are disconnecting yourself from because of politics.

Call and ask Donald Trump for help, a ride, a donation, a helping hand, see how far that gets you.  Better yet, ask the mother refugee holding the remains of her bombed child how well it works when you ask the American government for help.  Or, any of the Americans being detained by your government and Presidents for trying to tell you the truth.  Or, the veterans, ask them how kind and quick the government is to help.

Where was I?  Oh, Yes……..

There is evil that needs to be kept out of this country ,but I don’t think it’s the refugee, or Mexican that is working in the factory, restaurant, or field for next to nothing is the threat.

I don’t worry about them harming innocent protesters, arresting innocent people, denying children rights to healing medical options, letting people die because of no food or money, etc………no, refugees don’t do that, American’s do……to our own people, everyday.  I don’t worry that the refugees would bomb me, but I do wonder about you, Donald Trump.

I do fear my own government.  I do fear what will happen if I don’t speak up.

Maybe this is what we needed.  Maybe this is our swift kick in the a** we’ve all been asking for.  Maybe now is the time to volunteer, build that shelter, adopt or foster that child, take in that homeless teen, create that vegetable garden, foster a stray, go to that peaceful protest, and start up that non profit.  Maybe now is the time to define our own definition of Great, AND take out the again.

Let’s redirect our energy to building up our own communities, and connections so we can make our lives kind again.  Let’s support the people in need, and not the one’s in power, and make love strong again.  Let’s make our voices heard.  Don’t let anyone tell you not to use your free speech, and say what you know is right.  Be American, but define that definition for yourself, don’t let Donald Trump, or his supporters do it for you.

I want to help build people up, not walls.  I want to build up society, not tear it down with division.  I want women to feel loved, warm, and safe enough to have their baby, because society didn’t turn them away until it was too late. I want medical treatment options, and Big Pharma exposed.

I want clean/green energy, because it exists and is better for you, me, and the planet,  period, end of f*cking story.

I want my tax dollars used to save refugees, not bomb them.  I want my money to fund clean water projects, not oil fields. I want to be proud to be a world citizen, not just an American.  I want to feel safe to speak up.

It is time to speak, but this time with our hearts, and our hands.  Build connections, build up your neighbors self esteem, Build-A-Bear and give it to the shelter, build blocks with your niece, build friendships, and your talents, because this is how you will make America Great where you are.

I love you no matter who you voted for.  If you are reading this I want so much for you to love your life, and liberties, just as I want for the citizens of the world.

I hope you define Great as a force of love, strength, hope, faith, and kindness.

I hope your again just means your trying harder to be even greater this next time, as you move forward in the direction of your heart, not away from it.

I hope you define American as being someone who uses their privilege to enhance lives, our land, our world, and all people a little more each day.

In Love,

Danielle Atherton-Rutledge


Every Pitter Patter Matters

Every pitter patter matters.

Every word you chatter matters.

Every thought you gather matters.

Walk with light and gentle pitter patters.

Whisper wise, and sweet words as you chatter.

Think thoughts of love, and kindness because you matter.

You’re special, perfect and priceless.

Use love always, it’s timeless!

Smile at life with your heart.

Use inner peace, and self love to set you apart.

Understand your uniqueness.

Understand you are not just a little mister or miss.

You were born to create, and experience feelings of bliss.

You may be eensy weensy teensy, teeny tiny, or itty bitty, but your love can be felt, and spread in every city.

Feel special , be sweet, soft spoken, and perfectly unique, as you tread courageously on your little feet.

You matter, you’re worthy, you deserve all that is sweet,

and you are the strength, courage and change the world seeks.


Danielle Atherton-Rutledge






Change of Heart

Do you wonder why you’ve been given this life?  What it’s all about?  What are we doing here, anyway?

I’ve come to the very uneducated conclusion that it is to change as many hearts, thoughts, and words from fear back into love as we do what we are naturally drawn to and enjoy.

Do you agree?  Do you have what it takes to do that?  Do you really matter?  Does anyone really care about what you have to offer?  Are you really the change you wish to see?

My thoughts:  You do matter.  What you have to offer matters, your simple talents and small gestures matter, every smile, every hug, every vote of humble confidence, every droplet of creativity, every thought and word-all of you matters.  I wonder how many go to their grave never realizing their impact, their worth, their value.  And, I wonder how many people live out the mundane day to day-never realizing all of the opportunities around them to make simple but powerful impressions in order to live a more meaningful life.  How are we going to make the world a better place if our own corner looks a mess?  A question I’ve made friends with.

So, when I asked myself how I was going to make a difference in my corner and what I was going to do in this life to leave my mark I decided to ask myself who has impacted me most?  Who around me embodies what I hope to express in this life?  What are my most treasured gifts from this person?  The answer is and was, Alice Lucille Atherton, and it’s because she grounded me in faith so I could let go of fear.

I want to leave a legacy as gorgeous as my grandma’s.  You’ve probably never heard of her, but she changed this world, I am certain of it.  So, I took a good look at my Grandma and who she was, I dissected her piece by piece to discover what it is about her that made her love and memory so lasting to me and so many others in our community.

I wanted to know exactly what it was about this earthly angel that made her so magical, because I want to give what she gave to me to the world.  She made me feel safe, loved, secure, faithful, hopeful, healthy, warm, and like I was all that mattered when I had no reason to feel any of those things and I watched her do the same for so many others.  People came to her scared and lost and left loved and hopeful-that’s magic.

Are you looking for who you are and where you’re going?  Are you wondering what to do to help in today’s times?  Are you looking for a change of heart in this life?  Maybe a simple story of Alice can help mold your heart like she did mine, and guide you into the future more secure in who you are becoming like she still does me:

She was dirt floor poor as a child and young woman, severe burns on her legs from a chemical accident as  a young girl; she married a man of war who came home a traumatized vet, and  who happened to be a severe work and alcoholic, raised 5 mischievous boys and lost her only daughter, Alice Fae at birth, then her husband, Dallas to liver cancer.  I know there are more hardships and details to share, but I won’t share any more, and she wouldn’t either.  She would tell you she had a good life filled with love and joy.  She’d tell you that her blessings were too many to count.

You may think someone who lived with so little, and had so much loss, and hardship might resemble a bitter old hag that you’d rather steer clear of but not my grandma.  She had a glow, a feel, she had faith, and it radiated from her to me and to all who knew her.  She knew how to make the most of what she had.  She knew how to give life all she was given even if it didn’t seem like much.  I’ve never spoke about my grandma to ANYONE and NOT seen their face light up as they reminisce of her.

Growing up I remember she drove an old dumpy station wagon, lived in a trailer, wore Wal-Mart sale rack clothes, and not a stitch of make up.  I still feel her warm hugs and wet kisses and the way her wrinkly thin skin felt-not interested with how she looked only curious who she could love and how she could help.

I remember how she hollered, “yellow” when answering the rotary phone, and how she asked you to close the “winda”.  She whistled like the trains and various birds, loved to fish in the pond, take her loyal pup, Daisy Mae for walks, and just be.

Grandma spent Sunday’s at church with her grandbabies, and the rest of the neighborhood while listening to 20 or so children bicker over who got to sit on her lap at story time.  She loved and called every singe one of us her baby.  You felt like Jesus himself told you that you were special when she hugged you.

Stockings were all she could afford for Christmas each year:  the way the cotton pink ribbed socks felt on my tiny feet, my little heart lit up knowing she gave them to me.  It wasn’t ever about what she gave it was the love infused into it that mattered.

She was a cook in a small town restaurant and a care taker for family, friends, the elderly and anyone who asked.  She loved everyone the same, because that’s what real hero’s do.  She never wondered if this is where she was suppose to be-she loved to fill up bellies and hearts and so that’s what she did, knowing it would never fill up her wallet, but that wasn’t her goal, any way.

She took in neighborhood kids and others in need through her years, my mom and us 3 kids being some of them.  After 7 long years in a domestic violence home my mom left her abuser with my grandmas help.  She moved us into her 2 maybe 300 square foot house and I’d still live there today if I could.  I was safe, warm, loved, and nourished with her faith, and the best chicken and dumplings you’ve ever had.

At 15 I saw her struggle to take some of her last breaths.  I’m still trying to understand why or how we’re supposed to live without her.  There was no safer place in the world, then on my grandma-ma’s lap.  I cry, actually I sob as I type this, so many tears I can barely see the screen, because her love was so profound that I’m still unsure of how to live without it.

Then, the tears dry and my head clears and I remember it never left.  It’s in the eyes and hearts of people who have met her and knew her, and, so I rest a little easier knowing pieces of her heart are sprinkled all over.  I feel grateful to know that my grandma gave me and so many these memories, morals, and manners to live with.  I am thankful that because she lived and believed that she and I mattered, because she knew when to stand up, speak up, and be strong I am here happy, humble, and healthy ready to embody her spirit now more than ever.

Grandma Alice changed her corner of the world, she changed my heart, my life, and many in our community as well, and she didn’t even have enough change in her empty wallet to do so, she did it with a kind heart and faith.  She did it to make sure the good got done.  Her heart inspires me to be better to this day.  Her love calms me and nourishes me still.  This is the love, memory and legacy that I will try to create one day, one neighbor, one good deed, one helpful hand, and one kind word at a time.

I hope my sweet grandma’s heart inspires you to change your heart and those around you daily.  I hope you understand that your name can carry a vibration of love long after your gone if you realize your worth and value now, and work to give it away a little at a time no matter what your next step may bring.  I hope you ground down in faith that good will prevail if you just continue to let good and God work through you.  I hope you let go of the doubts, worries, expectations, and fears so you have space to breathe in the love that is here for you to experience, and then I hope you pass on the good vibes to all you pass.

Twenty years later and I still feel her heart beating in mine, I still come alive with love when I sit with my thoughts of her.  I only hope more of us strive to leave such an imprint.  What a wonderful world it could be…..

With Love in mind,

Danielle Atherton-Rutledge

Change of Heart

A penny for your thoughts a nickel for your kiss?

But, I haven’t money to spare for things such as this.

Your thoughts could calm me, and your kiss could cure me, please Mr. or Miss,

Could you spare just one thought and one kiss?

I know you’re busy, and that you’re worth my dime

I wish I could buy your love all of the time.

But, my wallet is empty, and so is my heart,

I was hoping you’d be the one to help me start

Loving my life and doing my part.

Your thought could bring me wisdom.

Your kiss may help me come alive.

Just 6 cents and I could begin to thrive.

For under a dime you could change my life,

Could I pay you back another time?

Your thought may change my mind

Your kiss may help me find

Loving ways to make a dollar out of a dime.

Danielle Atherton-Rutledge