Why am I Facebooking?

I think it’s safe to say that Facebook/social media is here to stay.  I’m pretty sure it’s no longer a fad, but rather a way of life:  Have you Facebooked, Instagrammed, or Tweeted today?

I’m guilty of using social media “all wrong.”  So I have questions for myself before I post?  Although, I am still very capable of over reacting, and getting lost in the emotion of the moment, and typing things I’m not proud of.  Such is adulting in 2016.

I’ll let you know when I’ve become the Social Media super star we all think we are.  Until then, I’ll keep asking myself these questions, and hope I take a deep breath, and choose better with every post, thought, comment, and like to come.

Why exactly did you log on to social media right now?

1~Are you here to connect?  Remember who you are connecting to.  Remember that your ex high school sweetheart, neighbor, grandma and the new girl at work are all hear ready to connect or disconnect from you.

2~Are you here to inform?  If so remember to inform in a way that is helpful.  Think of how you learn best, what tones and texts you like to read and learn from.

3~Maybe, just to say hi world, I’m here, do you see me, do you love me, am I important, do you care?  If so, that’s ok, too.

4~Or, are you here to be the one that says hi, you are important, you matter and I love you? ~Because people need that, and you.

5~Are you here because you are bored with life, and can’t think of anything else in this whole world that could make you smile other than logging on?  Because, if facebook is filled with negative Nancys, and pissy Pollys remember you’re welcome to seek connection, and knowledge elsewhere.  Maybe a phone call to a good friend, writing a thank you card, or reading that dusty book might do you better.

6~Are you here silently stalking everyone, judging, shaming, gossiping, and belittling?  Why?  Creepy.  Don’t be a stalker.  Interact.  Say hi.  Send love.  Be nice.  Super easy.  You can do it.

7~Are you here to boast and brag or share out of love?

8~Will you be seeking advice, or finding and reading the words you are  hoping will ignite a spark in you?  Facebook isn’t going to spoon feed you happiness.  Again, maybe dust off that book or Amazon Prime the newest read, and help yourself.

9~Are you here to type words that have helped you smile, and feel better about yourself, and life?  Share all the good things.  If you’re able to send good vibes and advice out to hundreds or more via a quick click, why not?

10~Will telling Facebook about your problems solve them?  Or, how about a quick journal sesh or phone sesh with your mom before you log on?  You know, let out that angst before you share it with your cousins, uncles and acquaintances via the FB.

11~Will your social media rant fix the person, place or thing?  I’m going to go ahead and take a wild guess and assume it’s most likely going to make it worse, or awkward, or definitely seen by people who will judge you for it, so, again, maybe call your sister and let it all out before you let FB have it.

12~Can you accept that once you hit post, any and every person on this planet now has access to what you have shared?

~Including your mom, grandpa and daughter.  Because, even though you are aloud to hit delete and change your mind about who you are, we all know nothing is permanently deleted, somehow that stuff always resurfaces.

13~Can you say that what you are sharing is you finding one more small way of being the change you wish to see?  Because, we all know that you are effecting the way people feel via a measly post.  You are evoking feelings within others as you type and share.  Cool and creepy.  Use wisely.

14~Do you understand that all people you communicate with are subject to take every word you type out of context, and hold it against you for the rest of your life?

~Because, people do that.

16~Are you quietly enjoying watching friends, and family grow, love, live, travel, enjoy, and human the best they know how?  Then, you my friend are winning at this whole FB thing.

17~Are you an encourager, cheerleader, lover, giver, helper, supporter and sweet Social Media addition?  Yay, you.  Keep hitting that like and love button and letting people know you see them, hear them, and appreciate them.

18~Are you promoting your talents, blessings, and beautiful moments?  Because, you are amazing, and you should share all the goodness that is you.  People love to see you succeed at what you love.

19~Are you going to share that informational/educational/controversial article?

Provide knowledge out of kindness with an open mind and take the fear and anxiety out of the conversation.  Don’t add to people’s fear and anxiety.  Give them guidance and encouragement to open and learn.

20~Do you notice the opportunity that you have to share, and multiply love, or hate on an insurmountable level because of social media?

21~Are you going to be accountable, and remember that every action, everything you read, every post, what you eat, what you consume, every word, every moment takes you closer towards the brilliant, beautiful and bountiful human you are, or further away from it?

~Your words create your world.  Facebook, Instagram and Tweet accordingly.

In Love,


Photo: Renee Atherton